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My Centurion Tank

This boom beach cheats is home to my Centurion Tank. We have gathered here, images, links and best of all, experiences from owning and maintaining one of the largest big boys toys around.

Centurion Information

Here at centuriontank.com, is a great collection of information about the Centurion. Its history, military service and links to other sources of Centurion information. In 'My Cent' we have information about our tank, its service history and information about what fun we've had maintaining and driving the cent.

Workshop and Recovery Information

During a very wet day in winter, we managed to get our cent bogged. ios 8.1.3 jailbreak While trying to drive it out we managed to, rather destroy, a final drive and here we have put together the 'what not to do' with a Centurion Tank list.

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